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the new studio album,

released, 5th FEB, 2021

A mix of polished indie rock and alternative electronica, UK based 5-piece, formed up around singer/songwriter Andy Williams, in 2012.  Williams, having written and recorded the solo album 'Into The Great Unknown' in 2011, and after a positive reception (especially for anthemic lead track 'Rule Britannia'), sought to put together a band to perform the record, live.  Previous bandmates Doug Thrower (The Baggys) and Pete Beddoes (Trace), joined on keybaords and drums respectively, quickly followed by Chris Gwilliam and Phil Murray, on bass and lead guitar.  Beddoes left in 2013 to rejoin 'The Lasting Days', and was replaced by Andy Duffield, which led to a more sample/electronic based live show, also reflected in the second studio album, 'A Dozen Wicked Words', released 2015.  A remix album, 'A Dozen Remixed Words', followed in 2016. - Andrew Leahey, Rovi.

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andy j williams
andy j williams
andy j williams
andy j williams
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